A New Year

I think sometimes the best times as a triathlete are when you have nothing to write about, especially at this point in the year. There are no races just yet, training is in full swing, and having no real “news” is a relief. The holiday craziness is finally over, and travel has pretty much stopped for the time being. I am in the middle of a great training block right now, and I am just enjoying the beautiful Tucson weather. This blog will be pretty short overall. Just a quick check in, what is in store for the season, and a few additions to my team.

As I mentioned above, I am just training right now and it feels great! I love being able to get into a routine, and only focus on working hard, and recovering. However, the real fun starts pretty early this year. The first tri of the season is in San Diego on Feb 20th, where I will be racing Tritonman for the first time in a year or so. I am really looking forward to starting my season off at a race like this! It has a pretty laid back vibe, but the racing is world class (The Tri Squad has been showing up along with some other ITU pros the last couple years)! Then it is into the ITU season where I will race everything from continental cups up to WTS races, culminating in the final qualifier for the Olympic Games in Yokohama, Japan. You can check out my full schedule here; just know that the schedule has the potential to change quite a bit depending on how Yokohama goes. The other race that I am really excited about is Escape from Alcatraz! I cannot wait to race on this iconic course! It is one of Triathlons Classics, and a bucket list race for me! I think that the course suits me very well, and I am excited to throw down with some other awesome guys. It will be my first non-draft race in quite some time!

So along with checking out my race schedule throughout the season, be sure to check out my sponsorship page! I am continuing to work with Trek and TYR this year, along with USAT, Verve, GRO, APM, TrainingBilble, and the NYAC. As far as new sponsorships go, I have begun working with Valhalla Sports group and MPG clothing. I am pretty positive I have one of the best teams in the business, and I encourage you to continue to look at my sponsor page, and click on the pictures to check each of them out! Some are missing at the moment, but by the time the season gets rolling, they will all be up there!

Also, I just want to point out the new photo streams I have. My Instagram feed is at the top, but the bottom feed is what I wanted to point out. This is my flickr account, and I have attached it because I ran out of room for all of the photos on my website. I want to try to give as much of a backstage pass to what I do as possible, and these are the photos of what I am up to at any time. They don’t necessarily all make it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, so these give you a little something extra. I am always looking for new ways to let everyone know what I am up to, so never feel like you can’t comment on a post or on my social media and ask me any questions, or make any requests for blogs, pictures, etc.!